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Certified organic skin care before Miessence was simply a myth until

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Organika Ukraina Beauty Salon wish you to be beautiful, healthy and always be in harmony with nature! 

We give you free Skin analyzing and -50% for certified organic facial  90min.

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3 beauty secret that should know every woman!


These truths are simple and familiar to many, but few people follow them constantly. And the result is “obvious”: tired, gray complexion, skin problems, premature wrinkles and other effects, which, alas, does not make a girl more attractive.

Buying Best For Baby


The news that a new baby is about to join the family is always exciting news.

We all want the very best start in life for the most vulnerable in our family and it’s not surprising as  parents we are examining the many chemicals we’re exposed to in our homes each and every day.

Miessence product formulator and founding director Narelle started Miessence exactly because of those concerns and as a result produced the world’s first certified organic range of products for health, home and body.

It may come as a surprise to some people how many particularly hazardous chemicals we’re exposed to in our homes.

Back in 2009 a groundbreaking study of women who were in the second trimester of pregnancy discovered

ஜ Check your skin type ஜ


Очень часто мне приходится сталкиваться с тем что человек не знает/ошибается в том какой же у него тип кожи.

It’s cold season again and the skin feels the unpleasant feelings of dryness and flaking?

What happens to the skin in the cold. Interesting, but our skin is much more sensitive to cold than to heat. Thus, we feel the decrease of temperature of a few degrees, while the heat and the heat does not cause such unpleasant experiences. It is believed that the frost has a devastating effect on the skin, so we are so sensitive to low temperatures. In the cold small vessels on the surface of the skin constrict, and the walls are very fragile. This means that the upper layer of the skin loses moisture and nutrients, the skin becomes dull, lifeless and prone to dryness and irritation, rosacea. These symptoms adds another attack – red spots on the skin. They occur because the large vessels located deep enough, conversely, enhanced blood flow has been very active. Since our body tries to compensate for the loss of heat and warm inside.

7 Steps to rejuvenate skin at home



Miessence® anti-ageing essentials: herbal medicine for your skin

7 steps to rejuvenate the skin at home





is the answer to smooth sexy skin (yep, it’ll drive her wild!)

Need a pash rash remedy? Looking for an effective zit zapper that will calm the Mt Vesuvius-size eruption on your chin overnight? Mate, here’s the simple answer to pesky skin problems: miessence® Men. It’s natural, effective and specifically formulated to soothe tough skin.