Don’t reheat these foods! You may get poisoned!

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We are used to cook a meal for the following few days, and then just reheat it, because we don’t have enough time to make another meal. But, do you know that many types of food, in the process of making, cooling and heating up, can change the nutrient composition, and even become toxic for us.




1.  Mushrooms

Mushrooms should be eaten just after the preparation, and if they stay for another day, you should eat them cold. This is true for risotto and soups that are made with mushrooms. If you reheat the mushrooms, they can change the composition of proteins, and they can even change the taste of the food. They can cause many digestive problems and lose the health benefits.


2. Chicken

The reheated chicken can change the composition of proteins. So, it is not recommended to heat the meat at very high temperature. But, if you can’t eat it cold, heat it on a lower temperature for a longer time.


3. Potato

The potato is very high nutritional food that we should not reheat, because with the reheating it loses so many properties and can even become toxic. Eat the potatoes right after the preparation or even cold. If you are cooking stews for several days, you should take the potatoes and add them afterward.


4. Spinach

Spinach is a food that has a high percentage of nitrates that re-heating turns them into nitrites. They can be potentially carcinogenic to our body, so eat just fresh spinach, immediately after the preparation.


5. Beet

Beets contain nitrates that can become very harmful with reheating. This doesn’t mean that you should not eat them from the other day, but you should not reheat the.


6. Eggs

The eggs are also high-risk foods if they are reheated, because they become toxic due to the exposure to high temperatures. It doesn’t apply to foods where the eggs are used as an ingredient in sauces like the béchamel, but it refers to dishes with fried or boiled eggs.


7.  Celery

Celery is most used for soups and should be removed along with the carrots after cooking, and should be eaten just freshly prepared. The celery also contains nitrates. So, if you want to reheat the soup, remove the carrots and the celery

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