Ukraine Organic distributes Miessence®  in Ukraine.

We make the organic changes for the professional and for exclusive clients.

We have a special program for Wellness and SPA clinics, beauty salons. We give you and your company a very special education in certified organic and how to do business with certified organic.




Miessence® (pronounced my-essence)

We thank you for your interest and we warmly invite you to continue your journey towards true health and beauty with us.

Miessence® using only 100% natural and certified organic ingredients.

Miessence® truly support and encourage glowing skin, shiny hair and a vital body!


We supply and delivers certified organic product;

We make education in certified organic products;

We make education in how to build a successful wellness business in the new economy!

To professional in the Beauty, Health, Wellness, Fitness and Hotel business.

We make exclusive therapy for Vip clients.


Certified Organic Miessence® for professionals, Organic Marketing plan for beauty salons, Education in certified organic, Certified Organic exclusive therapy for Vip clients, Gifts, Organic changes for professionals.


Ukraine Organic

Distribute Miessence® certified organic products and mineral Cosmetics to:

Skin Therapists
Beauty salons
Wellness centers
Fitness centers
Hotels in the Ukraine area.
Miessence®  from (Australia)
Miessence® ONLY for professionals and their exclusive clients in the Ukraine.
Miessence® treats the skin with themost POWERFUL ANTI-AGING ANTIOXIDANT from nature
Miessence® has a whole new level of SKIN REJUVENATION that you cannot get from any or other AHA,Vit  A, Vit C,Cosmeceuticals.
Miessence® is unique and highly effective , and you can see, feel and experience it AFTER 1 TREATMENT
Miessence ® including vitamins A,B,C,D, E, F and 11 minerals
Miessence ® allows you to be in HARMONY WITH YOURSELF and the environment, revealing the natural expression of your beauty and give you perfect and radiant skin
• Full size treatment set for approximately 200 treatment
• Our official retail prices are 50% less than other organic cosmetics brands
• Be the first who make a real certified organic facial
• Be one of the first and few, who will have this possibility, to work with the first professional line of REAL CERTIFIED ORGANIC COSMETICS WITH CERTIFICATION FOR INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD
♥ 100% beneficial ingredients in every product – no wasted fillers
♥ 100% Cold Formulation to ensure quality, active ingredients
♥ 100% Certified Organic plant oils, herbal extracts,vitamins, and essential oils
♥ ACO, BFA, IFOAM and USDA organic certifications
♦ No synthetic pesticides or herbicides
♦ No genetically modified organisms
♦ No petroleum waxes or fillers
♦ No artificial chemicals, colors or scents
♦ No parabens or artificial preservatives
We make all things different, just a little bit more ORGANIC!

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