Organic Face 2014 — Changing lives for a better future

Open Air Organic Fair Organic Face 2014

31 of may 2014 Open Air Organic Fair


Photo sessions will take place four times the 31 of may 2014

Registration and photo session at: 11.00; 13.00; 15.00 and 16.30
✔ You need to be min. 18 years old
✔ Man or woman
✔ Look natural
✔ And have a nice smile

We will announced 3 winners Saturday, May 31 at 17.45

These 3 winners will proceed to the Organic Face finals in autumn 2014


The Jury:
Founder Organika Ukraina; Martin Andersen
Director Organika Ukraina; Kateryna Gorynina
Team Imagination on; Andrey Kuchmiy


Winner Organic Face 2013

Julia Chernuha

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