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♡ Presents & Gifts for Organic Christmas & New Year ♡

Organic Christmas & New Year  №1
 Certified Organic skin care product + Treatment for Men & Women -38%

Products that do not like the refrigerator



Refrigeration kills the flavor of tomatoes and causes them to be mealy. Keep them out of plastic bags. To ripen faster store in paper bag.

It will last in the pantry for two months. Refrigerating garlic can reduce the flavor and actually cause mold. Store loose and once head is broken should use within 10 days. However, you can put minced garlic in the fridge as long as used.

Conventional or Organic Coffee?


Coffee – awesome drink, but to admire it, you must know and understand.

Today we divide a coffee on the conventional and certified organic.

Photo-Video Report Sixth Ukrainian Organic Fair 2014


Thanks to everyone who came and supported the Sixth Ukrainian Organic Fair 2014

Kateryna & Martin

Open Air Organic Barbecue- Charity Event – Video Report


❀ ❀ ❀ Open Air Organic Barbecue- Charity Event – 16 August 2014 ❀ ❀ ❀

Thanks to everyone who came to our organic event, thank you all for your support!
We say a big thank you to producers of certified organic products, thanks for your cooperation and donation of gifts for organic lottery: EthnoProduct, Organic Milk, Filvarok, Fiori restaurant, Tsarsky Sadovnik, Khlibio, Polesye- Invest.
Thank you friends, partners and colleagues!



Kateryna &  Martin

Open Air Organic Barbecue – Photo Report


❀ ❀ ❀ Thank You for participating in our Open Air Organic Barbecue ❀ ❀ ❀


Kateryna & Martin 


Open Air Organic Barbecue present Organic Milk


TM Organic Milk will donate something very tasty from a certified organic dairy products for the organic lottery.


Open Air Organic Barbecue — Organic Lottery


Certified organic product Miessence
 Certified organic facial for men and women
Delicious certified organic meat of duck and goose from Polesye – Invest
Delicious meat and dairy products from ТМ EtnoProduct

3 unique bottles of certified organic Extra Virgin olive oil Fiori il Ristorante

 TM Khlibio will donate 8 aromatic, delicious and healthy certified organic breads 

TM Organic Milk


50 UAH one ticket/number

100% of all donation go directly to the wounded after the fighting in East Ukraine


Invitation to Open Air Organic Barbecue- Charity event


Organizer- Organika Ukraina

Saturday 16 August 2014

Kyiv, Goloseevskij Park, Rodimtseva 12, Lake Didorovka from 10.00-18.00

Location Organika Ukraina: table number 18

Organic Barbecue from 12.00 o’clock 

No entry fee

Organika Ukraina

Invites you and your friends and family to the first

Open Air Organic Barbecue

Beautiful Nature — Special Day — Charity Event


• Taste and buy certified organic food

• Organic lottery; one ticket/number — 50 UAH

• Learn more about organic food directly from producers

• Information about organic from local and global organizations

• Meet new organic-minded people

• Possibilities for organic lifestyle

• Enjoy nature activities without leaving the city

• Organic network

• Try and buy certified organic skincare

• Meet certified organic producers in a unique environment

• No entry fee


We decided to make a charity event to help the wounded after the fighting in East Ukraine.


Charity options:

✗ Organic barbecue menu 100 UAH per person

✗ Private donation

✗ Company donation

✗ Organization donation

✗ Donations can be official or private

✗ Organic lottery; one ticket/number — 50 UAH

100% of all donation go directly to the wounded after the fighting in East Ukraine


Special donation:

50% of sales of Miessence product, this day, will be donated

Organika Ukraina host the Organic Barbeсue

Donations for organic lottery from Polesye – Invest

Donations for organic lottery from ТМ EtnoProduct

Fiori ristorante donate delicious Foccacia bread and certified organic olive oil

TM Khlibio will donate aromatic, delicious and healthy certified organic breads for the organic lottery

TM Organic Milk will donate something very tasty from a certified organic dairy products for the organic lottery

Accounting will be published after the event.


3 times a day you need organic food…!


10 reasons to eat certified organic:

 Food without residues of pesticides

 Food with more flavor and vitamins

 You get pure products without artificial colors or artificial sweeteners

 Organic animals have better conditions

 Organic is good for our groundwater

 Nature is richer and cleaner on organic land.

 Organic food is common sense


 Buy organic locally and support your farmer

 Organic farming and production is the way forward for better economy and environment