About us

Organika Ukraina — founded in 2009 — promotes awareness of certified organic and connect everybody around organic in Ukraine!

Organic service provider.
Connecting people, companies and organizations into organic, domestically and internationally.

Vision: To be and think Organic

Mission: Connecting everybody around organic in Ukraine

Value: We never go on compromise with the Organic standard or quality.

ORGANIC responsible to people and Earth! 


Founder Martin Andersen                        Director Kateryna Gorynina



✓ Organic News

✓ Organic Network & Events

✓ Open Air Organic Fair

✓ Organic Face

✓ Organic Education

✓ Organic changes

✓ Organic Webshop

✓ Organic service

✓ Organic greenhouse

✓ Homemade Chicken

✓ Organic Food/Restaurant

✓ Ukraine Organic LTD distribution Miessence; The world’s first Certified Organic Skin Care Range

✓ Exclusive therapy for Vip clients

✓ Organic Gifts & Deals

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