Festival of Healthy Food «Best Food Fest» and Health Fair

«Best Food Fest & Health» – is a celebration of health , taste and good humor .

 7-8 December 2013 in the NSC “Olimpiyskiy” in Kyiv will host the second Festival of Healthy food «BEST FOOD FEST & Health».
Visitors to the Festival on the good tradition will be introduced to the world trends of healthy eating , visit the workshops of European and Ukrainian chefs who will teach cooking healthy meals for the whole family , visit the lectures of famous athletes , nutritionists and other specialists healthy lifestyle , learn how to choose the right foods and more.

The festival program includes four active zones:

1. Culinary – “Eat to health” – master classes from top chefs in Ukraine and abroad ; tasting many healthy dishes and drinks, the opportunity to participate in cooking .

2 . Lecture – ” Food for Thought ” – lecture nutritionists , psychologists , athletes and experts on healthy living.

3 . Children – ” little helpers in the kitchen ” – children’s cooking classes using organic products , educational games on the theme of healthy food , interesting articles made of vegetables and fruits, classes on table setting and etiquette.

4 . Recreation area – «Relax, take it easy» – lounge music, comfortable sofas, informative literature , herbal teas and refreshing organic drinks , pleasant communication with like-minded , free WiFi, installation -style food design, unusual project “Laboratory of taste ” fun games , contests , sweepstakes and unforgettable gifts from partners and sponsors of the festival, live entertainment by well-known artists and musicians.

You should visit the «BEST FOOD FEST & Health», if you will:

aspire to a healthy lifestyle , or just thinking about it ;
watch your health and nutrition ;
want to get high-quality knowledge on cooking and food choices ;
want to chat with registered dietitians and psychologists on healthy lifestyles;
want to try the unique dishes from top chefs ;
interested in the novelties of the market of green technologies and environmental goods ;
want to spend a memorable weekend with his family.
The Festival of healthy food BEST FOOD FEST & Health also will be ” Health Fair “, which will bring together manufacturers of eco- products and companies representing the sector in Ukraine, green technology and organics.

” Health Fair ” will be held at the Olimpiyskiy courtyard , and the entrance into its territory will be absolutely free with advance registration online www.bff.kiev.ua

For general and organizational issues:

The Information Partnership and media accreditation:
Sergey Klimov

For sponsorship and participation in the Festival:
Andrey Semenov


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