Home Made Chicken

Somewhere in Ukraine

In a beautiful village

Where only grandmothers living

 We found Romeo & Juliet

Organika Ukraina Chicken set 01  (19)

 Why should you eat homemade chicken?

For Health!

Homemade production helps protect your own health and future generations.

A homemade chicken live between 120 and up to 170 days.

Chickens in conventional farming typically live up to 40 days before slaughter.

Our chickens come from a Ukrainian hatchery and are a slow-growing breed with a solid, marbled meat structure.

We have happy chickens with strong legs.

They have time for a slow growth and chickens perform their natural behavior both indoors and outdoors. They move uninhibited and have strong legs and wings.

It’s Easy!

Now nearly every food you eat has a homemade alternative.

In the next 2 weeks we will continue the story about the chicken.

Homemade chicken VS supermarket chicken

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