How to choose a fish

10 tips on how to choose the right fish.


1. Buy live fish

The best way to buy fresh fish – buy her alive. Some large stores you can find aquariums with carp and just brought the fish can still showing signs of life .

2 . Inspect the gills

Gills – should be bright red in color , although some species of fish they can be dark red . Unpleasant odor or gray ‘ blackened gills indicate that the fish is spoiled .

3 . Smell the fish

The paradox is that the fish fresh fish does not smell. It has a fresh, not strong smell of the sea . The presence of an unpleasant , pungent smell – a reason to abandon the purchase .


4 . Look at the eyes

Fish eyes – should be clear, transparent. If the eyes are cloudy, or sunken or dried it is mean that fish lie down on the counter longer than necessary .


5 . Note the scale

Brilliant , clean scales – a sign of freshness. When it comes to marine fish scales on the surface should not be slime , but it is not a freshwater indicator : lin and does not often cook cleaning , together with mucus.


6. Check the fish for firmness

Press lightly on the fish surface – meat should acquire original shape , then the fish is fresh enough . We recently caught fish meat is dense , resilient and recovers quickly form .


7. Fillet

Check the freshness of fish fillet is much harder than the whole fish , so unscrupulous sellers often used for profiling is not the best specimens. The best way – to buy whole fish fillets and make your own, it is easy and profitable . But if you do decide to buy a fillet – refer to those signs that you are still available : the smell of meat elasticity , appearance of scales .

8. We can not be fooled

Often sellers use various tricks , such as the sale of fish carcasses without head , it was more difficult to determine the freshness , or even trying to give thawed for chilled fish . Even if you shop only proven field – be very careful .

9. Meat and bone

If you have already bought the fish, brought it home and began to carve – remember: if the bones are easily separated from the meat, it means your intuition when choosing fish yet you failed.


10 . Restaurant

Ordering fish dishes at the restaurant, you can brutally deceived in their expectations . Well, if the restaurant has a showcase ice , which is lined with fish, and the waiter can expertly advise on fresh fish and seafood. Order sushi you decide , majority of fish – except, perhaps, salmon – comes into our sushi bars in frozen form .

On what kind of fish you should pay particular attention:



It is the mass of artificially produced fish. Pangasius is a freshwater fish and is mainly produced in Vietnam. Pangasius, like all farm fish fed a special feed.
Ukraine are buying the most cheap product. Just buying frozen pangasius fillets much you overpay as all fillet which is brought to Ukraine is injected during the manufacture of a special composition for weight gain . If you still want to buy pangasius, buy a steak or carcass .


Fish of the salmon family.

Before on the shelves was lie salmon not so beautiful grayish- pink salmon . Why fish now are prettier? This fish is not simple, but painted . It turns out that on some farms, where fish are grown in special food coloring added . Since childhood, salmon fed growth stimulants and antibiotics.

Remember that if fish fins small and bright scarlet meat, hence its fed dyes and growth stimulants . Fish meat that feed on natural will be rose, pale and long fins. Fish who have unpainted white veins are not painted, fish who not have unpainted white veins are painted.

We suggest you buy salmon only in season – from May to September. Best, Scottish wild salmon.
Keep in mind that almost all imports of salmon from the Scandinavian countries farm of origin.

p1 tilapia


By their omnivorous like the piranhas, so often it is diluted directly in municipal wastewater treatment plants, where it devours all sorts of scum. Therefore, even in cases when the fish are not subjected to artificial feeding hormonal useful it can not be called.
Be careful when you choosing fish!

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