It’s cold season again and the skin feels the unpleasant feelings of dryness and flaking?

What happens to the skin in the cold. Interesting, but our skin is much more sensitive to cold than to heat. Thus, we feel the decrease of temperature of a few degrees, while the heat and the heat does not cause such unpleasant experiences. It is believed that the frost has a devastating effect on the skin, so we are so sensitive to low temperatures. In the cold small vessels on the surface of the skin constrict, and the walls are very fragile. This means that the upper layer of the skin loses moisture and nutrients, the skin becomes dull, lifeless and prone to dryness and irritation, rosacea. These symptoms adds another attack – red spots on the skin. They occur because the large vessels located deep enough, conversely, enhanced blood flow has been very active. Since our body tries to compensate for the loss of heat and warm inside.

Such a two-fold vascular reactions lead to an imbalance of biologically important processes, and to maintain the skin healthy, organic care requires special protection that will give your skin.

So, prepared properly for the cold weather:

♥ Creamy rejuvenating cleanser gives the skin an incredible sense of purity and at the same time moisturizing. You never will feel a sense of dried skin

Rejuvenating Cleanser (dry/mature skin) - Code: 11102

♥ Rejuvenating mineral mask removes toxins from the inside, strengthens, tones and restores the skin

Rejuvenating Mineral Mask (dry/mature skin) - Code: 11302

Exfoliant with polished alluvial garnet works effectively to clear congestion resulting from a build-up of dead, dry surface skin cells

Garnet Exfoliant (normal skin) - Code: 11201

♥ Our skin conditioner enriches the skin with nutrients. Prepare the skin for long-lasting hydration.

Омоложения кожи Кондиционер (сухой / зрелой кожи) - Код: 11402

♥ Make a protective barrier against free radicals and moisture loss with moisturizer

Rejuvenating Moisturiser (dry/mature skin) - Code: 11602

♥ When your skin needs extra and special care. Ultra concentrated serum designed for maximum efficiency

•  Miessence Firming Eye & Neck Serum softens, smoothes and protect  the delicate skin

Firming Eye & Neck Serum (crow's feet/ageing eye and neck area) - Code: 11702

•  Use daily in extreme heat, cold or windy conditions to protect the skin and nightly, to help regenerate and revitalise the complexion. Rejuvenating Facial Serum

Rejuvenessence Facial Serum (tired, stressed, ageing skin) - Code: 11701

•  Gold product, the elixir of youth, Ambrosia Essence Miessence the most powerful with nine certified organic oils and extracts will give dry skin an incredible feeling of perfection

Ambrosia Essence - Code: 11703

With all this awesome product you will forget about skin problem forever


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