Open Air Organic Barbecue present Tsarsky sadovnik

For  Open Air Organic Barbecue menu certified organic vegetables and greens for salads purchased from Tsarskiy sadovnik



Greenhouse “Tsarsky sadovnik” is located in the village Ivankovic, Kyiv region.
In our greenhouses we grow cucumbers and tomatoes, radishes, arugula, peppers and lettuce, cauliflower and greens.
In this paper we use is not only organic but also biodynamic methods of growing plants: planting and care of plants is carried out according to the phases of the moon; to feed soil and plants used natural fertilizers, including compost and humus; to control pests and diseases using biological agents that are based on soil bacteria and fungi, are allowed in organic farming and plant antagonists, and beneficial insects. For weed control used crop rotation, mulching and hand weeding.
“Grown with love” – is not just a motto of our business, this is the energy that we share with their customers.

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