Power of herbs

Herbs – it is our friends, our food, our doctors!
They are healing, not only for the face but for the whole body.

TOP 8 medicinal plants:


certified organic aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice Aloe Vera – apart from its external use on the skin, aloe vera is also taken internally in the treatment of :

ulcerative colitis (drinking aloe vera juice)
chronic constipation
poor appetite
digestive problems

❀ Exposure of the skin:

Aloe vera juice is extremely useful to promote healing and reduce the risk of infections for:

wounds, scrapes, burns , eczema, inflammation. Aloe vera has healing soothing, antibacterial and moisturising properties. It is used to relieve burning, itching, minor cuts and first and second degree burns. Recent studies indicate that aloe vera has the ability to accelerate cell (basal keratinocyte) growth in the skin.
certified organic matricaria recutita (chamomile) flower extract Camomile – with a sweet, crisp, fruity and herbaceous fragrance, has long been used medicinally as a remedy for problems regarding the digestive system. It has a soothing and calming effect in the area of aromatherapy, used to end stress and aid in sleep. The entire herb is used to treat common aches like toothache, earache, shoulder pain and neuralgia.

❀ Exposure of the skin:

Chamomile extract has counter-irritant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is excellent for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.
certified organic arctium lappa (burdock) extract Burdock – the great burdock is the pretty famous in the area of detoxification in both Chinese and Western herbal medicine. The root is is used to treat ‘toxic overload’ that result in throat infections and skin diseases like:

The leaves and seeds can be crushed to poultice it to bruises, burns, ulcers and sores.

❀ Exposure of the skin:

Burdock root has been used as a remedy against skin cancer in Chile, China, India, Canada and Russia. Herbalists praise it as an excellent remedy for acne and eczema. Burdock is said to restore the smoothness of the skin and promote hair growth.
certified organic centella asiatica (gotu kola) extract Gotu Cola – acts on various phases of connective tissue development and stimulates healing of:

skin injuries
decreasing capillary fragility
stimulation of the lipids and protein necessary for healthy skin
Leaves are thought to maintain youthfulness. Crushed leaves are poulticed to treat open sores. The gotu kola can also be used to :
treat leprosy
revitalize the brain and nervous system
increase attention span and concentration
treat venous insufficiency

❀ Exposure of the skin:

Gotu Kola herb is one of the reported elixirs of life, as is Ginseng. Gotu Kola is said to be useful for stressed skin, to heal wounds, dermatitis, inflammations and is a valued skin tonic.

certified organic calendula officinalis  (marigold) flower extract Calendula – it has no problem with nutritionally poor, very acidic or very alkaline soils, just as long as it’s moist. Well known as a remedy for skin problems, the deep-orange flowered pot marigold variety is applied externally to :

sore eyes
varicose veins
Internally it is used to treat fevers and chronic infections.
The tea of the petals tones up circulation and, taken regularly, eases varicose veins.
Applying the crushed stems of the pot marigold to corns and warts will soon have them easily removable.

❀ Exposure of the skin:

Calendula is antiseptic and anti-fungal and contains hormone and Vitamin A percursors to help soothe, heal, and restore skin.

certified organic melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) essential oil Tea Tree Oil – even the aborigines have been using the tea tree leaves for medicinal purposes, like chewing on young leaves to relieve headaches. The paperbark itself is extremely useful to them as it serves to line coolamons when used as cradles, as a bandage, as a sleeping mat, as material for building humpies, as an aluminum foil, as a disposable rain coat and for tamping holes in canoes.

The leaves and twigs, eventaully made into tea tree oil, is anti fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and deserves a place in every household medicine box. Tea tree oil can be used to treat :
glandular fever
chronic fatigue syndrome
vaginal infections
athlete’s foot
insect bites
cold sores
minor burns

❀ Exposure of the skin:

The pure essential oil from the leaves of the Tea Tree is a potent antiseptic and anti-bacterial and is excellent for the treatment of acne.
siberian ginseng Ginseng – has a wide range of health benefits, mostly as a powerful tonic herb that maintains good health. It’s medicinal properties are used for:

menopausal problems
geriatric debility
physical and mental stress
treat bone marrow suppression caused by chemotherapy or radiation
hypercholesterolemia and neurasthenia with headache
poor appetite
increasing endurance
memory improvement
anti-inflammatory purposes
immunogenic purposes
chemoprotective purposes
radiological protection

❀ Exposure of the skin:

Ginseng – polysaccharides and amino acids contained in the ginseng root, effectively restore the required level of moisture in the skin, and a high content of vitamins such as C and E, can prevent premature aging of the skin.
certified organic echinacea purpurea flower extract Echinacea – one of the world’s most important medicinal herbs, the echinacea has the capacity to raise the body’s resistance to bacterial and viral infections by stimulating the immune system. It also has antibiotic properties that helps relieve allergies. Basically, the roots are beneficial in the treatment of sores, wounds and burns. It was once used by Native Americans as an application for insect bites, stings and snakebites. The echinacea grows on any well drained soil, as long as it gets sunlight.

❀ Exposure of the skin:

Echinacea herb is used internally as a blood purifier. Externally, it helps speed the healing of skin conditions caused by acne, eczema and other problems. Firms and tones the skin.

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